Americans stay strong at home


Official @Olympics Twitter

Athletes, sports organizations, and even President Trump have used the tag @StayStrong during the pandemic.

Tyler Nungesser, Guest Writer

Over the past weeks, athletes and citizens across the country have shared their stories on how they are staying strong at home. This has led to #staystrong trending on Twitter.

Former NFL player Brett Favre (@BrettFavre) believes it is very important to stay strong during these times. “So let’s join together, let’s fight this, let’s be smart, and stay strong so we can save lives and get through it quicker,” he tweeted.

One of the first people to respond to Brett Favre was Saints running back Alvin Kamara (@A_kamara6). He tweeted, “While we are at home during these difficult times we have to stay strong mentally and physically. Athletes have to continue to prepare for the upcoming season, even if it may seem like we aren’t going to play.”

Brett Favre’s comments about staying strong prompted the official Olympics account (@Olympics) to tweet, “We can’t stress how critical it is for our athletes to stay fit while at home. Even though your routines have probably changed, winners adapt and that is how you will become better in the future.”

Sonakashi Sinha (@sonakshisinha), an Indian actress with over 15 million followers on Twitter, interacted with the Olympics tweet. She said, “There is so much to look forward to, even in quarantine! Everyone has to keep their heads up and stay strong through this whole thing. We can’t lose hope!”

Michael Strahan (@michaelstrahan), former NFL player and current talk show host, thinks it can get difficult to stay strong during these times. “I’ve been cooking, and I have been trying to eat as healthy as I can, only having one cheat meal per week. It can get very tough to eat healthy when you are constantly by your refrigerator,” he tweeted.

In response, New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley (@Saquon) said it is harder to get motivated from home. He tweeted, “It is definitely harder to stay strong and motivated while at home. I usually like working out with my teammates because they push me to go harder, but quarantine has stopped that completely.”

President Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) said Americans must be strong and prosperous. “Everyone must stay strong and fight back with vigor. Stop working so hard on being politically correct, and continue to fight for our country,” he said.

Other top trending hashtags that were used after these athletes comments included: #staymotivated, #stayactive, and #playinside.