Tiktok introduces educational, entertaining hashtag


@justinmschuble official TikTok account

The top TikTok post with the tag #LearnFromMe comes from Justin Schubel who posted a video explaining how to make a giant cookie.

Jonathan Caryl, Guest Writer

On April 26, TikTokintroduced #LearnFromMe as a trending hashtag on the platform.

According to TikTok, #LearnFromMe is intended to “teach us something new.” The description reads, “We’re all experts in our own way, so share your knowledge, say #LearnFromMe and teach us something new!”

The top post under the hashtag comes from Justin Schuble (@justinmschuble), a food, travel, and lifestyle influencer as well as a co-founder of TidBit Social, an app that gives “personalized restaurant recommendations.” In his video he demonstrates how to make a giant chocolate chip cookie, captioned, “You wanted the recipe so here you go.”

This hashtag started trending while people became accustomed to the everyday life of isolation and social distancing. Another post under the hashtag came from Conner Dusty (@connerdusty) who made a video teaching some common Spanish terms and phrases. He wrote, “For those who wanted it: teaching y’all ACTUAL Spanish haha !!”

Companies also became involved with the hashtag, as Seeker (@Seeker), a media/news company that “empowers the curious to understand the science behind our world,” explained why cats have vertical eyes. “It’s due to stereopsis. This is when the brain compares two images to gauge depth based on the amount of blur. This method of depth perception is easy with vertical lines,” they wrote.

Another popular post under the hashtag came from Brooklyn Van Zandt (@houseofbrooklyn), who demonstrates how to write a song. “First come up with a melody. Next, time for lyrics, tell a story that people can relate to by describing how you felt in a certain moment, describing what happened, and making it relatable and catchy,” she said.

Violet Summersby (@violetsummersby) also got involved with the tag, as she shared everyday tips for people with dyslexia. “1. Write down all the words you don’t understand 2.Take breaks when you start skipping 3. Set a goal for how many pages you want to read 4. Go back over the words you wrote down,” she said.

Other top trending hashtags on tiktok include #homeproject, #finalsathome, and #alwayslearning.