Senior creates new publication


Krystal Tatum

Krystal Tatum has designed sketches and stickers for her new publication.

Landon Polack, Guest Writer

Over the past few months, senior Krystal Tatum has been designing her own digital/print magazine called “Silikon.”

Tatum claims “Silikon” has been inspired by many other magazine publications along with the divide between everyday people and professional models. She said, “Everyone was making themselves a ‘Vogue’ cover, and I thought, all these people should really be on the cover, but they’re not. ‘Cause people just don’t know who they are.”

In her magazine, Tatum has several ideas and topics she would like to cover. She said, “One of my ideas is asking people their favorite colors, and then getting them to dress in a monochrome outfit of their favorite colors in their style. Everyone would get their own panel and can talk about whatever they want, and what colors mean to them; ‘cause colors are cool!”

However, Tatum admits designing a magazine has its challenges. “For me it’s finding time to work on it. I have all the ideas and I know how everything should be laid out; it’s just execution,” she said.

Despite this, Tatum is determined to finish her magazine and show it to others. “I want to, and I want other people to, just learn a new perspective, not that people who read the magazine won’t be open-minded. I’ll let people from school read it, and maybe they will leave with a new perspective,” she said.

One person who knows about Tatum’s love for design is senior Karyna Hayes. “I really think [Tatum] has done a great job of bringing her idea to life,” Hayes said. “She has already started creating stickers and other art forms to reflect the direction she wants her magazine to go in.”

Hayes admits Tatum’s magazine is unique. “I think she would be able to cater to many different people who appreciate creativity. By offering a magazine that doesn’t only portray, for example, fashion or cooking, she grabs an audience that values unique things which I think is really cool,“ Hayes said.

Likewise, by designing a magazine, Tatum believes she’s learned more about the process and software professionals use. She said she is using Photoshop, Indesign, and Lightroom to design ‘Silikon’.

At the end of the day, Tatum believes the project gives her a fun outlet that helps drive her passion.  She said, “I’ve never really had a full passion project before that I was devoted to!”