Sophomore athlete misses fall sports season


Bella Gerome

Bella Gerome competes in a volleyball game during the 2019 season.

Mikalah Kesler, Guest Writer

During the 2020 volleyball tryouts, sophomore Bella Gerome tore her ACL causing her to step away from the court.

Gerome has been affected mentally by this injury because of the set back it has caused her. She said, “Tearing my ACL affects me mentally because it’s restricting my physical activities. Most of the time I just have to watch the sports being played and it could be very frustrating for me.”

Gerome has learned more about her injury by discussing it with the school’s athletic trainer, Heather Fisher. “I realized that it was a serious injury when Heather told me my knee was ‘loose’ and when I tried to walk on it and my knee was weak and unstable, with horrible pain,” Gerome said.

By going to Fisher, Gerome started to panic while she returned to the gym with a doctor’s note and crutches. She said, “Panic started to set in when I was on crutches and when heather recommended me to a doctor for my ACL.”

From now on Gerome has to be extra cautious while using her knee. She said, “It’s pretty upsetting knowing that my knee could never be the same because that means I have to be extra careful and just be cautious in general.”

One person who witnessed Gerome’s injury is sophomore volleyball player Genna Sarris. “I looked over and she was transitioning back for a hit and I saw her knee bend backwards. I thought she was laughing at first so i was confused and did not think it was serious,” Sarris said.

Sarris admits she didn’t realize how serious Gerome’s injury was until she was put on crutches. “I noticed it was more serious than I thought when she was limping away and people had to help her walk. Also when she came out of Heathers office on crutches,” Sarris said.

Sarris adds that her season will not be the same this year without Gerome on the court with her. “It makes me sad because since seventh grade she’s been on the court with me putting a smile on my face,” said Sarris.

Gerome has now scheduled an appointment to repair her ACL so she can recover and continue playing high school sports. “My ACL surgery is planned for October 13th so I can recover as soon as possible and hopefully get back to my normal everyday life,” she said.