Election 2020: Biden, Trump have opposite views on healthcare


Official White House website

President Donald Trump, who strongly dislikes the Affordable Care Act, claims that he’s helped Americans with their healthcare issues by working with pharmaceutical companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Julia Levak, Guest Writer

With the presidential election in less than a week, many people are following the ideas of Donald Trump and Joe Biden on many important issues, including health care.

Republican Donald Trump has been president for three years and has promised to drop the health insurance prices. The Trump official website said, ¨As part of the landmark Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, President Trump repealed the individual mandate, which forced people to buy expensive insurance and taxed those who couldn’t afford it.¨

Many people have been struggling to pay for their prescription drugs during the COVID-19 crisis. Trump has been making promises about health care in the future. On the Trump official website it said, ¨In his health care policy speech Thursday, Trump promised to send each Medicare beneficiary a $200 discount card over the next several months to help them buy prescription drugs

Diabetes affects many people worldwide and it has previously been very expensive for people. Business Insider explained that the average cost of insulin is about 285 dollars for a vial and many diabetics need two to four vials a month making it extremely expensive. On the Trump official website it says, ¨Medicare will cap the price of insulin at $35 per prescription starting in 2021 for people getting coverage through some drug plans. More than 3 million Medicare beneficiaries use insulin to control their diabetes¨

John Levak, a registered voter has been doing his research on the candidates. There are people who don’t have access to prescription drugs. He said, ¨While Trump has been in office has gotten more affordable generic prescription drugs on the market.¨

Joe Biden, a Democrat who is running against Trump in the presidential election has made promises for what he is going to do if he gets elected into office. The Biden official website says, ¨As a condition of participation in the Medicare program and public option, all brand, biotech, and abusively priced generic drugs will be prohibited from increasing their prices more than the general inflation rate. The Biden Plan will also impose a tax penalty on drug manufacturers that increase the costs of their brand, biotech, or abusively priced generic over the general inflation rate.¨

Biden wants to make the Affordable Care Act better and easier to manage. On Biden’s website it says, ¨Instead of starting from scratch and getting rid of private insurance, he has a plan to build on the Affordable Care Act by giving Americans more choice, reducing health care costs, and making our health care system less complex to navigate.¨

Biden also wants to help the people who can’t afford health care and need help paying for it. Biden’s website says, ¨The public option, like Medicare, will negotiate prices with providers, providing a more affordable option for many Americans who today find their health insurance too expensive.¨

Josh Hayes is a government teacher at Mayfield high school who plans to vote. He says, ¨I understand that Biden wants to help the people who need it by giving them an option for health care insurance that is run by the government. He doesn’t want to take away the healthcare insurance for people that already have it and are financially stable, but he wants to add to the options.¨