Election 2020: Trump, Biden remain divided over racial equality


Tension is still high amongst members of the African-American community after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Spanish teacher Phillip Deaton believes that how Donald Trump and Joe Biden view race relations is a key election issue for many voters. He said, “Racial inequality is an important issue due to the recent killings of African-Americans by police and due in part to the mainstream media and social media. We are able to see first-hand exactly what happened instead of just reading or hearing about it as a summary like it used to be.”

Emma Buda, Guest Writer

Many Americans are considering their presidential candidates’ specific views, including the importance of racial inequality.

Former vice president Joe Biden has hopes for better racial equality all over America. Biden’s “Build Back Better Agenda” promises to make bold investments to ensure racial equality. The official Joe Biden website states, “[Biden] is announcing how he will direct many of these investments to advance racial equity as part of our nation’s economic recovery.”

Biden also discussed his opinion in Cleveland at the first presidential debate, in which he said there is “racial insensitivity” in this country. He said, “People have to be made aware of what other people feel like, what insults them, what is demeaning to them. It’s important people know. Many people don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings, but it makes a big difference.”

In addition to the steps promised to be taken, Biden believes that America as a whole can accomplish great things. He said, “The only way we’re going to bring this country together is to bring everybody together. There’s nothing we cannot do, if we do it together. We can take this on and we can defeat racism in American.”

Class of 2020 graduate Joe Isabella notices similarities Biden shares with former President Obama. Isabella said, “[Biden] talks about bringing law enforcement and civil rights activists together to create peace and make a plan to create change together.”

While Biden expresses his plans for the possible future, current President Donald Trump values the importance of keeping America strong and safe for the people. The official Trump website states, “[Trump] is making America First, again, restoring our nation’s faith, ushering in a bright, new future now and for generations to come.”

President Trump strongly encourages the American people to go back to the roots of this country. Referring to the federal agencies shutting down sensitivity training, he said at the debate, “They were teaching people that our country is a horrible place. It’s a racist place. And they were teaching people to hate our country. And I’m not going to allow that to happen.”

When debate moderator Chris Wallace asked about Trump’s decision to shut down racial sensitivity training, Trump was very strict and to the point when he said racism is never acceptable. He said, “I ended it because it’s racist. That is a radical revolution that was taking place in our military, in our schools, all over the place. And you know it, and so does everybody else.”