Medical series brings drama to new level

Sampurna Sarkar, Guest Writer

If you’re looking for an inside look at the crazy dramatic lives of top OR surgeons, make sure to check out the season one of “Grey’s Anatomy” on Netflix.

The well-known TV-series’s first season follows a surgeon-descendant Meredith Grey and her friends’ cutthroat and complex life in the OR. This drama is an exceptional production displaying the hardcore and cutthroat environment at Seattle Grace Hospital. The first season shakes viewers to the core with its surprising medical miracles, gore-filled scenes, and intense drama between the doctors.

The main character Meredith Grey is the daughter of a famous surgeon Ellis Grey and when she enters Seattle Grace as an intern, eyes immediately get drawn her way.

She and her friends, genius Christina Yang, emotional George O’Malley, model Isobel Stevens, and scrappy Alex Karev stumble their way through the OR fighting for every chance they get to become the best doctors in the hospital under the guidance of the so-called Nazi, Miranda Bailey. However, they run into awkward love-triangles, intense patients, betrayal, and intimidating competition.

To make matters more awkward, Meredith falls in love with Derek Shepherd who happens to be the top neurosurgeon in the Hospital and who has a backstabbing wife. Meredith’s best friend Cristina Yang starts dating Preston Burke, the top cardiac surgeon in the Hospital. These two surgeons butt heads in an extreme power-struggle to be the next chief of surgery.

Meredith’s life isn’t exactly easy with her hiding the fact that her mother has Alzheimer’s, finding out that Richard Webber, the Chief of Surgery had an affair with his mother and her friend group’s constant problems.

This tsunami of plot twists, love betrayals, and the intensity of the OR all lead towards the chaotic and thrilling ending. In particular, in episode 9, Meredith and Derek’s love is tested with a surprising enter of Derek’s wife Addison Shepherd. This leaves a dramatic cliff-hanger in the season finale with Meredith feeling betrayed, Derek in complete shock, Addison with an agenda to destroy, and the viewers eager to watch more.

Sophomore Saxten Ley finds the quick-paced plot timeline to be exciting. Ley said, “I think it’s really good, something happens every episode. It keeps it interesting. We have Derek and Meredith and everyone is focused on in every episode and the drama is real and entertaining”

The setting of the hospital is an excellent pro among viewers. Not only does the series portray real-life medical protocol and procedures but allows the plot to be exciting and drama-filled. It allows viewers to answer the question of “What happens behind the scenes in a hospital?” Grey’s Anatomy allows that question to be answered in a thrilling and TV fashion.

Similar to the majority of viewers, Ley says that the series keeps her on her toes. Ley said, “Something always happens… You just want to keep going and just keep watching. The setting is a perfect place too because the hospital is a perfect spot for unlikely occurrences. I love it!”

For many viewers, the love story between Meredith and Derek is something that defines the series. Ellen Pompeo, the actor that played Meredith portrayed her character in a unique way which highlights the fact that she has had a troubled childhood. Pompeo adds this sense of hesitancy and paranoia to her character to which Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and her friends have to cope with and prove their trust to her, connecting beautifully.

Patrick Dempsey, playing Derek Shepherd also adds a twist to his character that is least expected. When out of the Hospital and OR Derek has eyes for only Meredith and is only looking out for her, however, when in the OR, Derek changes into a different more sensitive, self-oriented character. Either way, Patrick Dempsey continues on the complexity that all the characters contained in the series.

Additionally, T.R. Knight playing George O’Malley had such a complicated character and played him perfectly. The gradual personality shift that he went through becoming more confident in his abilities gave viewers like Ley confidence in his character. She said, “George is so misunderstood at the beginning with his brothers making fun of him, but towards the end, he falls in love, becomes a great doctor, and finds this new George. George 2.0”

Although this series provides many viewers with a fantastic Friday Movie Night, there is one flaw. Meredith’s character revolves a great amount around Derek and other men in the hospital. Besides Cristina and their friendship, we don’t see Meredith or any other female character with much female empowerment. A recommendation would be to add more dynamic female characters in the cast to exemplify the field of medicine more accurately.

A series with a similar format and plot style to “Grey’s Anatomy” is “The Office”. At first, they may not seem as similar, but besides comedic range, they both deal with a workplace and its emotion, intensity, and serious love triangles. Netflix features both as some of the biggest classics in the TV Industry and hopes to give viewers some enjoyment during the quarantine.

I gave this film a rating of four out of five syringes due to the lack of female empowerment. However, the first season is a phenomenal kickoff to the 17 season series giving you a behind-the-scenes look into the OR and the lives of the doctors. This season offered an intense and dramatic flair to medical practice that is delightful to all.