Netflix original show keeps viewers engaged

Katie Leskovec, Guest Writer

“The Umbrella Academy,” created by Steve Blackman, tells an action-packed and incredibly interesting story that can be found on Netflix.

Season one of “The Umbrella Academy” features the story of seven children, mysteriously born from mothers who were never pregnant, who develop powers that allow them to become superheroes. After going their separate ways in adulthood, they come back together to attend their father’s funeral, with a shared hatred for him.

During this funeral, their missing brother Five, played by Aidan Gallagher, returns from the future to warn them about the upcoming apocalypse, which he believes can be stopped by them. Together, they work to prevent the end of the world, experiencing many bumps in the road along the way.

Overall, the acting’s portrayed extremely well, allowing the audience to build connections to the characters. Sophomore Hannah Kloppman, a long-time fan of the show, said, “I think all of the actors are really good in the show; they make it seem genuine and realistic.”

Played by Robert Sheehan, Klaus Hargreeves is a truly extraordinary character. With mannerisms similar to those of Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” Sheehan brings Klaus’ ridiculous nature to life in a way that keeps the audience constantly entertained, while also successfully portraying his serious and caring side.

Aidan Gallagher brings Number Five’s “old soul in a young body” to life. The stress and lack of tolerance built up throughout the years in the future are depicted in a way that allows the audience to like him. Additionally, Gallagher allows his character to bring a sense of humor to life, through the maturity shown in such a young character.

Elliot Page portrays Vanya Hargreeves’ meekness very well, allowing the audience to tell how she feels at all times. Also, Vanya’s growing passion throughout the show is illustrated exceptionally, as it shows an exponential climb. Sophomore Katie Cohen, a fan of the show, said about Page’s acting of Vanya, “She’s portrayed really quiet, but that contrasts a lot to when her powers are finally revealed.”

Despite the great and realistic acting for the characters, Luther Hargreeves, played by Tom Hopper, seems to be a character that is lacking in depth. Hopper portrays Luther’s solemn nature well, but the writing for him does not create the same attachment that is created with other characters, such as Klaus and Five. I would like to see his character gain more depth and have a greater character arc that slightly was started towards the end of the season.

Although extremely unique in style and plot, “The Umbrella Academy” shares some similarities with the DC Comics movie “Suicide Squad.” Both share a cast of characters who are all so different in personality and style, yet have the same end goal. Furthermore, both share a similar conflict of trying to prevent a mass catastrophe.

Season one of this action-packed show includes 10 episodes that deserve a rating of 9.5 out of 10 time anomalies. Each actor embodies their character incredibly well, making the acting pleasant to watch. Music is also an important feature of the show, as it adds a unique style that adds to the engaging aspect.