Q&A: English teacher drives to Florida coast


explosion-art, Pixabay

English teacher Jennifer Cioffi has hopes to make it down to the Florida Keys.

Brandyn Petruccio, Guest Writer

In an exclusive interview, The Paw Print’s Brandyn Petruccio sat down with English teacher Ms. Jennifer Cioffi to discuss her upcoming Florida vacation.

Brandyn: You mentioned that you planned on traveling this summer. Where are you going?

Cioffi: At the end of every school year I am I always really longing for Florida and so Memorial Day weekend my family (because everybody has been vaccinated), we’re getting together in central Pennsylvania and then as soon as we’re done, my new husband and I are going to call this a honeymoon and we are heading to Florida. So we will go to Fort Lauderdale. We plan to spend some time in Naples Florida, Marco Island, maybe even to the Keys.

Brandyn: Fort Lauderdale is really nice. I was just down there for spring break a few weeks ago with my dad and my brother and sister.  We were in Miami and South for a few days before, but it was getting pretty crazy down there so we ended up getting an uber to Fort Lauderdale and staying there for about three days. So why did you decide on this destination?  Is it somewhere that you’ve been before?

Cioffi: I owned a property in Florida and just sold it in January this year. Florida has been a yearly destination for me. As soon as school is over, I am thinking about the beach, so yes, I have been to Florida many times and I’m looking very forward to going back because it’s been a while since I’ve been there since the pandemic shut everything down.

Brandyn: I’m supposed to be down in Florida for my cousin’s wedding, like a few days after graduation, so I am definitely looking forward to that. It’s just so nice down there, the air is completely different.

Cioffi: It is!  It’s semi-tropical down there. Nobody really knows it, but I finished my school year down in Florida last year since we were doing everything remotely.

Brandyn: My family did the same thing at the end of last year! We were pretty sick of being quarantined at home, and school was remote, so we just decided to drive down to Kissimmee, Florida and quarantine down there for the last two weeks of school. We actually brought Corey (Razum) down there too, so we brought two cars. We would have been fine with one, but we decided to bring our threedogs with us, which weigh about 70 pounds each, so there wasn’t gonna be much room, and 20-plus hours of driving with three huge dogs all over you is a nightmare. Is there anything specific that you are looking forward to doing on your trip?

Cioffi: There is a catamaran that goes from Fort Myers Beach down to Key West. We have something pretty much planned for every day that we’re in Florida except for two days and it is my hope that we can catch that catamaran and jet down to Key West at least for a day. That’s what I wanna do.

Brandyn: I like Fort Myers a lot. My cousins used to stay down there every year during spring break. What are you going to do with your new dog while you’re gone?

Cioffi: Mrs. Ferritto is going to take care of my dog. She teaches English as well and I asked her if she would take Lulu, and she said that she would, so that’s very good.

Brandyn: All right, thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

Cioffi: Sure thing, you’re welcome.