Cast, crew prepare for fall musical


Alli Wank

Members of the “Urinetown” cast meet after school for rehearsal.

Genny Kootsouradis, Staff Writer

After the cast list for “Urinetown” was released on Sept. 14, students and staff members began to get ready for this fall’s musical production.

Musical director Larry Braun noted that there’s a total of only 20 rehearsals before opening night, so they usually do multiple tasks during these rehearsals in order to utilize time. Braun said, “One group or cast member might be working with Mr. Fancher on vocals, while others are working with assistant director Jenny Walker on their characterization and staging, and a third group could be working with me on choreography.”

Braun chose to perform this specific show for a number of reasons. He said, “There are a lot of roles available which allows more students the opportunity to be featured… This show [also] requires a minimal set and costuming is easier as well.”

Senior Daniel Blum was cast as one of the lead roles, Bobby Strong. Like many other students, Blum practices outside of rehearsal in order to get ready for the musical. He said, “Usually I just look over my script and listen to the music and tracks that Mr. Fancher gives us.”

Senior Alli Wank, who was cast as the female lead, Hope Cladwell, also prepares outside of rehearsal. She said, “I’m definitely studying my character and watching different productions and then getting inspiration from different girls who’ve also played Hope.”

According to Braun, there are many other jobs that they must do in order to prepare besides getting all of the musical numbers done. He said, “We are planning out the set, lights, microphones, sound effects, and more in addition to all of the marketing via social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.”

Because advertising the musical is a huge factor in preparation for the musical, Blum and Wank have both been posting about the show on all of their social media platforms.

Along with posting about the musical, Blum also plans on hanging posters whenever they come in. He said, “We’re gonna post them in places like Pulp and McDonald’s and basically anywhere that we can in the city.”

By advertising a show with a name as obscure as “Urinetown,” Wank believes that it’ll be somewhat tricky to gather an audience. She said, “The name is gonna draw in a crowd, but it’s going to turn some people off which upsets me so, so much… It is such a meaningful show and has a better message underneath.”

Blum is excited to perform now that COVID is not as severe. He said, “Before COVID, we were able to seat 900 people in the audience. Last year, we could only seat about 200, and this year, apparently, we’re going to be able to seat 900 again, and I’m looking forward to that.”

Along with the audience size, COVID has also slightly affected rehearsals. Wank said, “We don’t sing in the choir room anymore. We sing in the auditorium because [Braun] wants us all without masks and we can separate easier.”

Braun knows that the name can seem very odd to some people, but he still encourages everybody to try and see it when the time comes. He said, “This is a very funny show with great music. Our incredibly talented cast members are going to do an amazing job with this show.”