Student council selects homecoming theme


Rhea Deshpande

Unopened boxed of homecoming decorations fill the student council office.

Gabriella Di Lalla, Staff Writer

The head student council members held a meeting in May 2021 to discuss homecoming themes for this fall.
They have finally revealed the theme: Diamond in the Rough.

Many other themes were discussed, including a hoedown. However, the diamond theme was chosen as a way of symbolizing the hard times everyone has endured since the pandemic began. Chris Torda, senior class co-adviser, said, “We all need to find a way to recognize ‘beauty and happiness’ in tough times.”

When the theme was decided back in May, the head student council members ordered decorations that related to the homecoming theme. These decorations will be assembled next Wednesday by all student council members, those in grades 9-12. Torda said, “[The decorations] are all in boxes right now, waiting to be put up by the student council.”

For those attending homecoming for the first time, it’s a semi-formal event, so students should dress appopriately. According to Torda, no one is expected to match their outfits with the event theme.

Reactions about this year’s theme are mixed from students. Senior Abby Foell said, “I think [the theme’s] all right. I kinda wanna see what it’s gonna be like when I go.”

Some students like sophomore Matthew Mennel are just excited to attend the dance, regardless of the theme. “I couldn’t care less [about the diamond theme]. I’m going no matter what the theme is,” Mennel said.

Freshman Jessica Lieberman is excited to attend her first homecoming and likes the meaning of the diamond theme. She said, “I think it’s a good idea and a good way to reflect on how the past year went.”

Homecoming week begins on Tuesday night with the parade and bonfire. It continues with the Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Wednesday, Sweet Sixteen assembly on Thursday, football game on Friday, and dance on Saturday.