Opinion: Joining clubs make big impact


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Madison Ferrell, Hannah Gross, and Natalie Purgar try to recruit students to join their club at the annual Club Fair.

Jessica Lieberman, Staff Writer

Joining a high school club serves multiple purposes, such as getting you more prepared for college, guiding you toward a career, interacting with others, and representing your school.

It is very important to join clubs.

A first impact on joining clubs is how it helps with your college applications so you can include this in your resume. The Princeton Review believes clubs are important to show responsibility and success.  They wrote, “Your extracurricular involvement is one of the few ways that colleges can gain insights into your personality.”

Joining these clubs can guide you on your way to find what type of career path you want. Participating in clubs helps you develop skills that companies will find important. Devina Tarwin from Grad Connections wrote, “Your involvement in clubs and organizations allows you to develop skills that can be used in a real working environment.”

English teacher Kerry Rutigliano is the adviser of multiple school clubs and believes joining clubs can help you learn more about other students, too. Rutigliano said, “[Joining a club] gives them the opportunity to work interdependently, learn about the interests, differences, and similarities of their peers.”

While involving yourself in the activities your club does, you can choose to do something good and something powerful by having representation for your school. Rutigliano believes representing your school allows you to have a voice for yourself. “To tap into passion, to realize their voice should be heard,” she said.

Researcher Alastair White said participating in a club gives you the responsibility to take ownership of something. White wrote, “[Club participation] encourages a sense of responsibility; guarantees that a felt need is involved; ensures things are done the right way; uses valuable indigenous knowledge; frees people from dependence on others’ skills.”

Being able to destress and have social time with people is a need for human success. Since people are stressed with other things, they need to find another way to balance work and hobbies. Hocking College states, “Socialization is an important component of stress reduction and because humans are social-beings, it is crucial that college students find some way to socialize on campus whether through a student club, study group, intramural sports, etc.”

Consider joining clubs now. Try it out and choose the right path. Meet new people, find your friends, be prepared for college, and represent yourself.