Students plan fun outfits for spirit week


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Hannah Peterson and other seniors in The Option wear Halloween outfits on the last day of spirit week. The seniors handed out candy to pre-school students as part of the Halloween celebration. Grace Lanzara said about spirit week, “I think spirit week is a good thing for our school because it allows the students to have fun with their outfits and show school spirit at the same time.”

Hannah Birnbaum, Staff Writer

Last week, many students eagerly participated in the annual fall spirit week.

Senior class president Mykenna Roy is always excited for spirit week, and she especially loved that she was able to help plan it. “I think it’s a fun way for people to come together and show off some cool outfits they have. I think that anyone who participates likes it a lot, especially when it turns into a fun competition of who can wear the best outfit,” she said.

Junior Grace Lanzara loves that spirit week gives her a reason to switch up her outfits for the week. She said, “Spirit week is always something I’m excited about because I can have fun and not wear my same old sweats and with some of the themes, I can really have fun by dressing up with things I wouldn’t usually wear to school.”

Although senior Madison Reed enjoyed each theme, she admits that her favorites were Pajama Day and Pink Day. “PJ Day can be any day, but it was still nice to have, and the Pink Day had a good meaning behind it,” she said.

Roy knows that people will dress up for easier themes, so she made sure that the themes were doable when she decided with the rest of the student council. She said, “My favorite day was Pink Day because I think people had the most fun with that one. It was one of the easiest things to do and a lot of people participated! Plus it was like a throwback to middle school for a lot of us, which I really loved.”

While Lanzara says some students may not dress up, she thinks it is a fun part of high school and an important memory. “People might not dress up for spirit week because they think that if they wear something different than their normal clothes, they will be made fun of or looked at differently but in reality, a large part of the school participates, and there’s no reason not to participate,” she said.

Even though Reed loves her own outfits, she also likes to see what other students bring to the table. She said, “I think spirit week is important so students feel involved and a part of the student body. I was excited for spirit week because it’s a fun thing to do, and it’s cool to see what other people are wearing.”

Although Roy wished she saw a bit more participation, she appreciated the students who did dress up and had fun throughout the week. She said, “I personally saw a good outcome of people dressing up, and I think a lot of people had fun doing it. That’s the most important thing, making sure people have fun while doing it.”