Opinion: Jake Paul benefits boxing


Official Jake Paul Twitter account

Jake Paul fights Tyron Woodley in late August. Spanish teacher Jerry Turk has followed Paul’s path into boxing and has been impressed. He said, “Boxing was huge when I was a kid, and Jake brings the younger generation and YouTubers to watch it.”

Sal Palmisano, Guest Writer

I bet you’ve heard about Jake Paul and have seen some of his fights. Like him or not, he is helping grow the sport of boxing.

Paul’s fights have generated many viewers, including his summer bout that more than doubled the sales of WBA lightweight champion Gervonta Davis’ last fight. Damon Martin on MMA Fighting wrote, “Paul’s last fight vs former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in August sold approximately 500,000 pay-per-view buys.”

How does a former YouTuber get more pay-per-view sales than a professional boxing champion? People like to watch Jake Paul because he knows how to promote a fight. All the drama makes people excited to see him get knocked out or win.

Spanish Teacher Jerry Turk has followed Paul through the news and thinks he’s very much put boxing in the limelight again. Turk said, “Normal guys like me who think boxing is boring, fixed, and fake don’t like boxing. Jake has caused people, even non-boxing fans, to watch it because he’s more of an influencer.”

One of the greatest fighters of all time, Mike Tyson, believes YouTube boxers like Paul are the future of the sport and doesn’t understand why people don’t like Paul. Tyson told Sportskeeda, “Paul has contributed to bringing new eyes to boxing, which has benefited the sport as well as the fighters.”

Sophomore Aidan Williams has seen all of Paul’s fights and is impressed by his publicity. Williams said, “The sport of boxing definitely gained more viewers from [Paul’s] competition. He has led the way for all content creators and now they are competing in celebrity boxing matches now. “

Evander Holyfield, a four-time boxing champion, gave praise to Paul in an interview that was published by Landon Bufford. Holyfield said, “I think that it helped boxing because it let you know that if these guys can make all that money, why can’t all of these other boxers?”

Micheal Bisping, a retired UFC fighter and current sports analyst, told Sportskeeda that Jake isn’t just a YouTuber. He said, “[Paul] used to be a YouTuber and probably still is one, but he’s also a boxer. The reality is Jake Paul is doing a lot of great things in the boxing world, bringing a lot of attention and eyes to the world.”

Williams said Paul’s fights are very exciting and fun to watch. He said, “I have seen most of Paul’s fights and he definitely put on a show for the most part. I was on the edge of my seat during his fight.”

Paul has changed the future of boxing forever. He has started celebrity fights and has put boxing back on the map. I am very excited to see Paul’s next fight as he continues to shock the world.