Christmas Gift Poll: Students prefer electronics, dislike socks


Petr Kratochvil / Public Domain Pictures

Almost 30% of surveyed freshmen and sophomores prefer electronics for Christmas. The number one gift suggestion from Business Insider is a disposable camera, which can be found on sale for $45-$75. “Disposable cameras are popular right now, partly because of the nostalgic aesthetic of a polaroid and partly because of their simplicity. Spending so much time immersed in technology — and combatting the temptation to retake and edit photos in real-time — keep us from staying present,” wrote Mara Leighton and Bradley Hasemeyer of Business Insider.

Danielle Prilepskiy, Staff Writer

As the holiday season approaches, there’s a variety of gifts that are going to be handed out to loved and close ones. A survey was done to find out what the best and worst holiday gifts are.

Overall, 500 freshman and sophomore boys and girls were surveyed. Teachers handed each of their students an index card to write down what they thought was the best and what was the worst gift to receive for the holidays.

Here are the results:

From the 250 freshman and sophomore boys and girls, electronics stand at first place, clothing at a close second, and money at third. Electronics ranged from iPhones to Airpods but were considered in the same category.

Freshman JiJi Luo thinks electronics make the best gifts, as they can help with schoolwork and organization. She said, “They are also very convenient since you can bring them along with you all day. My personal favorite electronic devices to use are my iPad and Apple Pen because you can journal and write in cool fonts, all while being neat and having it on the go.”

On the other hand, after surveying 250  high school students, these are the results for the worst holiday gift(s) to receive:

According to the pie chart, underwear and socks are tied at first place for the worst-ever gift to get, clothing and nothing are also tied in second place, and coal is the third-worst gift to be given during the holiday season.

Freshman Imani Smith said for people who don’t get Christmas presents, they won’t have much to do after the holidays, and they won’t feel any love or happiness from the people in their life.  She said, “That relationship just starts to break and isn’t the same ever again. It’s also really awkward when you give someone a present and they don’t give it back. The whole situation just shows a lack of love from their side.”

For parents who are looking for ideas, many publications are publishing their top lists of what teens want this Christmas.  Here are just a few: