LTD show choir pleased with their year


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Freshman Shane Jones performs a solo during a Limited Edition concert on December 13, 2021.

Fiona Duke, Staff Writer

After last year’s pandemic roadblocks, the Limited Edition (LTD) show choir is proud of the skills they developed this year.

The choir’s director, Brian Fancher, has noticed the group’s growth. “I think especially coming off of last year which was hindered in a lot of ways, I think that the groups that I have this year have been hungry to learn more and to achieve greater things and have them pushing themselves,” he said.

Sophomore LTD member Matthew Roberts says he’s all-around happy about LTD’s performances. Roberts said, “Song-wise, we’re doing great. We know just to not be worried about small stuff, and at the end of the day, a tiny mistake while dancing or something isn’t going to get noticed this much as something going wrong stage-wise, so you just gotta go with the flow, which is something I for sure learned.”

Adelyn Nicholson, another sophomore in LTD, thinks the group’s learned that attitude is everything. “You gotta perform like you’re having a good time [to] convey the emotion. We all know our songs really well by this point, and I enjoy performing,” she said.

While the group developed their skills this year, Roberts says there were some challenges along the way. “Sometimes we’ll have small wardrobe malfunctions which will cause a whole lot of other stuff to go wrong. There are not many challenges – just a little bit of anxiety,” Roberts said.

Nicholson adds that fatigue plays a role, as the members run through the concert over and over in rehearsals.

Overall, Fancher says he’s proud of the way his kids performed this year and during the final spring concert. “I think [the concert was] a great way to celebrate the achievements that we’ve had across the whole year, and also of course our graduating seniors, giving them a chance to have one final performance before they graduate.”