Head Council prepares for Breakfast with Santa


Fiona Duke

At last year’s Breakfast with Santa, Class of 2022 senior elves Nadia Gerbasi (left) and Jack Dominish (right) accompany Santa. This year, senior Lex Schneier will be dressing as Santa Claus.

Daniela Escobar Rosales, Guest Writer

The Head Council will host its annual Breakfast with Santa for the community on December 3 in the cafeteria.

Head Council co-adviser Chris Torda explains how big of a role the students in head council have in this event. He said, “They’re the ones that kinda organize and run everything, so they’re the ones that are going to help determine which clubs and groups get which craft, they’ll assign the crafts, they’ll help purchase the crafts and then organize them into, you know, like ‘Here’s the snowflake craft’ ‘Here’s the candy cane and reindeer craft.”

A lot of the student council members volunteering, including the Head Council, will do many duties to help. Torda said, “They will help set up the breakfast area, decorate, and organize, but they, during that day specifically, are the ones that are the elves too. They tend to be the elves that take pictures when the kids go up to see Santa.”

Torda looks forward to seeing the kids all excited to see Santa and doing the crafts. He said, “You know, they get their little to-go bags and it’s so fun to see them put all their little crafts in the little to-go bags and taking pictures with Santa because it’s just one of those days that makes you feel good.”

The event includes not only Head Council and other student council members, but any other clubs who want to get involved. Torda said, “NHS can participate, Cats Cabinet can participate, [and anyone else], so we allow all the groups that are participating to choose which craft they want to do.”

Senior Officer Lex Schneier thinks that it can be a challenge when planning this event as sometimes it can be hard to find volunteers. He said, “We gather enough volunteers through student council, Interact club; we just go through the different clubs at Nayfield and ask who wants to volunteer. We also go through NHS, for juniors and seniors, and we try to get volunteers like that.”

Schneier is excited to be Santa for this year’s Breakfast with Santa. He said, “The thing about being Santa that excites me is getting to take pictures with the kids and making them feel happy for the holiday season. My friend did it last year, and he had so much fun doing it, so I’m going to be the one doing it this year.”

Sophomore Officer Emma Tisch is also thrilled to see Schneier dressed as Santa and to see the kids doing the crafts. She said, “it’s fun to see how they [the kids] make their crafts compared to how the example does it. They all do it in different creative ways.”

Tisch’s favorite part about Breakfast with Santa is when someone comes around taking photos. She said, “We all got to take pictures and they were just really cool memories just to hold onto, but I also like just being able to see all the kids there. It’s a lot of fun.”

Breakfast with Santa begins at 10:00am and goes until 12:30pm. It’s free and open to all elementary aged-children in the community.