Survey: The Perfect Snow Day?



Poll of how much snow people think should be required to cancel school in the U.S., by region. Tribune News Service 2015


A snow day is a sacred day. It’s a day off, a day to play, and more often than not, it comes exactly when we need it to. We here at The Paw Print love snow days just as much as the next guy. Luckily for us, we get them pretty often. In light of Monday’s snow day, we asked a few of our staff members what their idea of a perfect snow day is. We even asked our satirical advice columnist. (Scroll down to see what teachers had to say!)

What's your favorite part of having a Snow Day?

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Mr. Wilde said… 

The perfect snow day begins with me waking up at 7am. After a hardy breakfast and a searing black cup of coffee, I proceed to do all the schoolwork I would have done anyways had it been otherwise. By noon, I have finished, and proceed to read my favorite book, “Snarky Satire and Wicked Wit” by Famously Anonymous. After that, I resort to writing articles and surfing my new favorite discovery, “Reddit” to keep my brain off of the deathly boredom. By 6pm I am in bed and praying for tomorrow to relieve me off this torture.

Kate Bakhtiyarova said…

First, I try to finish all my homework the day before so I don’t even have to think about responsibility on my day off. My perfect snow day consists of a beautiful breakfast, some good old-fashioned elementary school reminiscing, and of course––Netflix. May I recommend some killer Art History documentaries? Maybe House of Cards? Or, if you’re like me…. both… in absurd amounts. Tis the season.

Justine Winans said…


I’m talking a full-on love affair with your bed.

Hey, look, you have the time to make yourself a decent breakfast. Wait…it’s pretty late. Lunch?

Dinner, for those of you who are really committed to that relationship with your pillow.

Oh? You’re fully awake now? Go enjoy the weather! (If you’re insane. It’s way too cold out there. You’d need a team of Siberian Huskys leading you in a sled. No, stay inside.)

Binge-watch TV. (Yes, Netflix, I am STILL watching Breaking Bad. I’m not paying seven bucks a month for your judgement. Tell me something useful. Like when season three of Orange is the New Black releases.)

Take risks and hang out with your friends. (And, by that, I mean try watching that creepy, D-list, one-star, but still slightly intriguing horror movie on your queue. And binge-watch Friends.)

Be productive. (What? I watched how many episodes of American Dad? Wow. I need to shut this off…hold on. This “recommended for me” option looks like a winner.)

Andrey Boltyansky said… 

My ideal snow day? Something along the lines of sleeping in till noon, cooking a real lunch for once, lollygagging throughout the afternoon, lazily drifting throughout the early evening, chilling around with Netflix during the later hours, and finishing the eventful day off with a nice walk outside at midnight. It’s beautifully unproductive.

David Girbino said… 

Personally, my ideal snow day involves going to the park to take photos in the snow, and reading a good book. 

Joe DeNardo said…. 

  1. SLEEP IN (but not too long…10 AM at the absolute latest…these only come once in a while…why waste precious hours doing something that you’ll spend ⅓ of your life doing anyways?
  2. STUDY…no seriously…it doesn’t have to be an educational  excursion…but you can get a few friends together and take an hour or so to review over lunch…fun and you will NOT regret it!
  3. EXERCISE… “OK DeNardo we’ve had enough of you,” is what you’re probably saying but here me out…there’s nothing worse than going to school and feeling too exhausted to  work out…so why not take a few hours to make your way to the gym and get a solid session in…not me though…I’m all naturale…
  4. GO SHOPPING…Now you finally get to see how boring the mall is during the week! Get some fresh sneaks and a clean shirt…also great way to relax with friends
  5. UNWIND…spend your evening cozied up by the phone as you wait anxiously for them to call and announce that school is cancelled and you can do it all again tomorrow!

But hey, students aren’t the only ones with the day off. We asked teachers too: what’s your favorite part of having a snow day?


Surprised by the results? Vote in the poll to let us know how you prefer to spend the day. If you have your own special day-off ritual, comment down below. Here’s to another snow day––and soon!