Students, staff make plans for Winter Break


Jessica Lieberman

As they scroll through photos from last year’s Winter Break, sophomores Rachel Gifford, Francesca Diasio, and Rhea Deshpande discuss what they have planned for this year’s break that starts this weekend.

Jessica Lieberman, Staff Writer

Students and staff appear ready to get out of school as Winter Break begins this weekend.

Science teacher Polly Canfield is very excited to have time off school. She said, “I think teachers need a chance to recharge. I think students need a chance to recharge, and usually breaks are oriented around holiday time and that means getting to see family.”

Emma Tisch, a sophomore, likes hanging out with friends and going to work over break. She said, “Just relaxing and having chill days are nice.”

Senior Ashton South is looking forward to seeing family that he hasn’t seen in awhile. He said, “You know it’s nice being back up in Ohio, being able to see a lot of my family that I haven’t seen much before.”

Canfield plans to celebrate her break with family a bit differently this year. She said, “Typically in the past it would be all of my siblings and their children like last year but this year my older sister and her family is going to Idaho, [and] my family is going to Chicago, so this year we are all going separate ways.”

Canfield prefers to stay inside and spend time with family over break. She said, “We normally try to watch movies and then play games. We are a family of Scrabble or Bananagrams.”

South is excited to do the basic things over break. He said, “[I’ll be] spending time with family and watching movies, dinner with extended family, celebrating Christmas – stuff like that.”

Tisch is also excited to spend the holidays with family. She said, “To celebrate the holidays me and my family have dinner over here and since we are Jewish, we like to order Chinese food every Christmas eve.”

Canfield says this year she is revisiting old plans with her daughter that were cancelled previously because of the pandemic. She said, “My husband, daughter and I [are enjoying time in] Chicago which will be nice because this time we can actually go out while we are in Chicago rather than last time we were kind of just in her apartment.”

Canfield tries not to worry about school over break, but admits she’ll do some school-related activities. She said, “Usually I start to try to just kind of lay out the next unit coming up or things like that [because] there’s always work to do.”

While Canfield has work to do, South will try to avoid anything stressful that relates to school. He said, “I don’t have to focus on getting something done right now because I have more time to do other interesting things.”

High school classes resume on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023.