Students prepare to work summer jobs


Audrey Galgoczy

Sophomore Audrey Galgoczy writes a dinner reservation at StoneWater.

Taylor Arth, Staff Writer

With only eight days left in the school year, students eagerly await the arrival of summer and with that, the start of the busy season at their jobs.

Senior Mason Arth has worked at East Coast Custard in Mayfield for the past three years. He said, “During the summer, I work the registers so the most busy part is talking to the customers and keeping them occupied while they wait.”

Sophomore Mackenzie Conley has been working at StoneWater Golf Course in Highland Heights as a hostess and just became lifeguard certified. She said, “The thing that keeps me the most busy while working at StoneWater is folding napkins and seating people when they come in.”

Sophomore Damonte Allen has been working at Ross Dress for Less in Beachwood for about two weeks. He said, “Since I have just started working there, I mostly work register but sometimes I sort or put clothes away. It gets pretty busy in the evenings so trying to keep the line short is a challenge.”

Senior Adrienne Fekete has been working at the Goldfish Swim School in Warrensville as a teacher for the past seven months and is excited for the summer. She said, “It will actually be warm and there will be more kids. It will overall feel more like summer, and I am really looking forward to it.”

Arth appreciates the short commute to his job. He said, “I originally chose to work at East Coast because it’s about two minutes from my house, so I can get there easily and quickly.”

Fekete’s favorite part of work is being around little kids. She said, “I really enjoy getting to have fun with the little kids I coach and making swimming as fun as possible for them.”

Allen so far enjoys his new job and looks forward to pay days. He said, “I like most aspects of my job, but my favorite part is definitely getting paid.”

Conley is looking forward to being a lifeguard this summer because of the weather. She said, “I can’t wait to be able to sit in the sun while still getting paid. I love getting paid and knowing that I literally get to tan by the pool is really nice.”

Allen has mixed feelings when it comes to thinking about working throughout the summer. He said, “Having a job is obviously going to take away my free time, but I will definitely enjoy making money to allow me to do more things without having to rely on my parents.”

Being a senior, Fekete will be able to pick up more shifts once school is out. She said, “I will be able to be at work more because I won’t have sports pre-season practices or school work. I will be adding a few more days to my schedule this week.”