JV softball team gets ready to prepare in the off season


Marissa Palko

Girls on the JV softball team huddle up to discuss how they are going to prepare in the off season.

Marissa Palko, Guest Writer

The JV softball team is getting ready to start preparing in the winter for the upcoming season.

Head coach Kristen Fatica plans on getting involved with the girls and helping them as much as she can. She said, “I think for myself as a coach I always try to be involved as much as possible in the drills so like I’ll do the drills with them. I show them the correct way and then we work to perfect that.”

Fatica is ready to have the girls prepare in the winter and also get in some games before the season. She said, “We do conditioning first and that is for about a month and a half at least we do conditioning everyday and then we will also do the winter ball which prepares everybody for the upcoming season.”

Hannah Dadelow wants to work hard and be in shape for the upcoming season so she plays better than last year. She said, “Well I’m going to work hard and I’m go to workouts and workout and it’s just going to be really good and eat healthy.”

Fatica believes that every player has to set a goal after each game one thing they did well and one thing they can improve. They have to keep conditioning and trying to get themselves in the best condition during the off season. She said, “I think it is always to keep conditioning keep trying to get yourself in better condition. The better condition you are in the less injuries you will have.”

Fatica wants the girls to make sure that they all are ready for this upcoming season. She said, “So I think being in the best possible condition to start the season is the main goal for off season so that your well prepared for in season.”

Julia Levak wants to push herself and work very hard in her hitting, throwing and conditioning. She said, “I am going to go to the batting cages everyday, I’m going to go to softball conditioning and I’m going to throw.”

Fatica wants to have the girls practice a lot of different drills to get them better. She said, “Some of the drills first and foremost it’s the conditioning and then the drills will be hand eye coordination they’ll also be stretching their arm and trying to get there arm more accurate snapping their wrists.”

Fatica is planning on having the girls condition everyday starting in January. She said “They will condition from January on, January to May, because we still condition when we are in season as well.”

Dadelow wants to be able to put all of the strength she’s got into her arm so her throw is even better than last season. She said, “So I have this tendency of dropping my shoulder so I have to like just put my hands to the ball so I can get max strength.”

Levak wants to improve herself in hitting and throwing so she is better for the upcoming season. She said, “To get more accurate with my batting and to throw harder.”

Fatica wants the girls to prepare as much as they can so they are even better than last season. She said, “I think it is important for a coach to be willing to get in there and do whatever you are asking the girls to do and I think it is also important that the better we condition and the better we work at it the better we will be for the season.”