Dr. Kelly closes school due to sub-zero temps

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Dr. Kelly closes school due to sub-zero temps

Official Twitter account of superintendent Keith Kelly

Official Twitter account of superintendent Keith Kelly

Official Twitter account of superintendent Keith Kelly

Christina Rufo, Staff Writer

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As the temperatures get colder, and with two more months of winter left, snow days have become a necessity for many schools in Northeast Ohio.

This past week, the sub-zero temperatures and harsh wind chill have been the cause for two snow days.

There have been questions as to why snow days are needed, especially when the roads are clear, however, there are many other factors to take into consideration.

Social studies department chair Michael Hughes said, “The administration is taking the time to make decisions that are well thought out.”

Although the roads may be safe, the weather affects students who walk to school or have to wait at the bus stop.

Hughes said, “Student safety is prioritized. The whole purpose of school is to put the students first.”

Students who walk to school are at a higher risk of frostbite and hypothermia as the temperature drops, especially with the mornings being significantly colder.

Junior Haneen Hamideh has had to walk to school many times during the winter and find the whole experience overwhelming.

She said, “Snow days are important to me because I have felt unsafe walking to school because of how slippery the ground can be.”

According to Hughes the roads can be dangerous for the staff, but the students are the ones who have to stand outside to wait for the bus or walk to and from school.

It is crucial for schools to keep in mind all aspect of the weather including the snow, ice, and drop in temperature when considering a snow day.

Hamideh said, “There have been times when I have slipped in the middle of the street before, causing me to panic as the cars begin to move.”

The snow can be up to students’ knees some days which can lead them to walk in the street and create dangerous conditions between students and drivers.

According to Hughes, Mayfield looks at what other surrounding schools are calling off to determine a consensus.

Hamideh said, “Although the school usually calls off the night before, I wish we could know more in advance when school is canceled so that parents can be prepared as well.”

For some teachers, snow days could be good or bad depending on how it affects their learning plans for the rest of the week.

Hughes said, “It’s natural for teachers, just like anybody, to be happy to have the day off, but the responsibility we feel towards the school district and the students can make it difficult.”

For many students, it can be stressful having to walk in the cold weather and makes them have a rough start to their day.

Overall, Mayfield seems to understand the need for snow days, but may need to evaluate each day more carefully as the weather continues to intensify.

Hamideh said, “The school tries to keep students in mind but could do better in checking the walking conditions for all students.”

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