Students prepare to interview for Excel TECC programs


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Makayla DePinto, Staff Writer

On January 16, 2020 sophomores and juniors from schools as close as Brush to as far as Aurora will partake in Excel TECC interviews for the upcoming school year. Current Excel TECC students and teachers have some advice to offer.

The interviews will take place at Mayfield High School and last all day. Students have two interviews for the top programs they choose. Students interview with the teacher(s) of the program and other important people that are selected by the teacher to help with the process.

Justin Murphy is the Exercise Science and Sports Rehabilitation Excel TECC teacher who believes that students should research before the interview. He said, “Be accurate and articulate when explaining your interest and understanding of the program, its requirements, and the outcomes you want.”

The interview is the first impression, as a student has about 10 minutes to show the interviewers he or she is cut out to earn one of the 25 spots out of approximately 100 candidates who are applying per program.

Murphy suggests that applicants should “dress to impress.” He also said, “You do not want your nerves to get the best of you, stay calm and focus.”

Senior Marco Dilizio is an Excel TECC student who admits he was nervous during his interview. He said, “I used this military breathing technique to calm my nerves, [which included] four seconds of breathing in, holding it for another four and then releasing. As well as I just had to realize my self-worth, and I had to truly believe I am right for the program and that I can get into this program; do not doubt yourself going into the interview.”

Murphy contends that if an applicant knows an upperclassmen in Excel TECC at a homeschool, applicants should ask good questions to learn more because by having that connection with the upperclassmen, it can make you more aware of what is needed and or expected from the program or even relieve some nerves.

Richmond Heights junior Alyssa LePage of the Exercise Science program has a dream to become a physical therapist, so getting into Excel TECC was very important for her. She said that it is important to have a “professional, but positive mindset going into the interview. You need to be confident in your abilities and simply try your best.”

Junior Jaiden Varanese is a part of the Licensed Practical Nursing program and admits she was very nervous going into her interviews. She said, “When going into the interview make sure you have some knowledge about the program to talk about, be engaged with the interviewers, and most importantly be confident!”

When going into the interview, Dilizio said to be ready for anything. “By asking questions, being prepared to bring a report card, know your cumulative GPA, looking professional, and making palm/hand movements make others think you’re more open and enthusiastic, while also just making you look less nervous than you already are,” he said. “The interviewers know everyone is nervous [so] you just can not let that get the best of you and limit you from showing who you are.”

To standout, Murphy says it’s simple: “be your best self.” He said, “Your passion, experiences, and personality could really enhance the program you want to be apart of. Make sure you let that shine.”

To learn more about Excel TECC, visit their website.