Junior travels country, settles in Highland Heights

Makayla DePinto, Staff Writer

Moving schools once is already a hard thing to go through, but can you imagine doing it seven times?

Junior Carolina Tellado has moved all around the country because her mother was an active member of the United States military.

Tellado has lived in six different states and hopes to make it seven. “I was born in South Carolina, moved to Leola, Pa., Kansas, Washington state, Pittsburgh, Pa., Texas, and finally Ohio. And now, I plan to go to Florida for college.”

With moving comes challenges, as Tellado experienced a lot of bullying. She said, “Moving has changed my personality a lot. When I was younger I was super shy but I tried my hardest to be a social butterfly. After I moved to Texas, I got severely bullied for the two years I was there and when I moved to Ohio I did not want to try and make friends because of how badly I was bullied.”

Tellado admits she hated changing schools so often. She said, “The worst thing about moving so many times was going to a different school. For the first four moves I was leaving in the middle of the school year. Right as I settled into a new school, I was driving across the country with eight animals in the car.”

Alexis Glumm has been friends with Tellado since the middle of eighth grade. “By having Carolina in my life I have been able to learn about the south where she lived for a sufficient amount of time and about all of the pets she has,” Glumm said. “I would have thought with moving around a lot it is hard to have animals but she has two dogs, five birds, and five cats, that is crazy to me!”

Junior Kyra Horvat has known Tellado since eighth grade when they were introduced to each other during English class. Horvat said, “I am so grateful Carolina came into my life because she makes every day more fun. She constantly makes jokes and pushes me out of my comfort zone to better myself.

“If it were not for Carolina moving all of the time and finally stopping at Mayfield, [she] and I would have never even met. Her moving all of the time made her who she is and that is why she is an amazing person,” Horvat said.

Junior Megan Fowler also met Tellado during freshman year. Fowler said, “If Carolina never came to Mayfield then I would not know what to do in show choir. She was the person who really brought me out of my shell and helped me make new friends when I did not know anyone.”

Tellado said she has learned a lot over the years and has advice for other military kids, “Just try to look at it as a fresh start and a chance to learn and explore the world. And help out your parents. Their jobs can be very stressful.”