Senioritis spreads through senior class


Paw Print staff

Senior Sydney Nicolli spends time in class watching TikTok videos.

Christina Rufo, Editor

With graduation 10 weeks away, many seniors are feeling the effects of the inevitable senioritis.

By now, class rank has been finalized, GPA’s have been secured, and a good portion of students have their college picked out, or are in the final steps of deciding.

After months of stressful applications and tough decision making, the seniors are worn out. Senior Mia Murphy feels this way and said, “After I finished my midterms, I realized I was pretty much done with taking exams overall.”

Senior Aaliyah Rodriguez thinks it can be difficult to concentrate on high school when students are receiving college acceptance letters, scholarship opportunities, and summer program offers. She admits, however, she still has a goal of finishing the year above a 3.0 GPA.

With seniors’ minds set on the future, the idea of high school is becoming less of a main focus for many, including Lara Nunez Cerillo who’s in the Excel TECC Cosmetology Program. She said, “I’m essentially done with high school and ready for the next step.”

According to Murphy, it is more difficult to stay motivated in classes that require high levels of focus like AP Literature, where the students have to keep up with reading and writing work that takes up a lot of time.Murphy said, “My motivation right now is to keep up with my work and pass my AP exams in May in order to get college credit.”

Although many students are ready to walk across that stage with a diploma in their hand, senior Olivia Culp believes the thought of leaving high school can be difficult. “It feels like nothing matters, but at the same time, everything matters. I wanna spend as much time with my friends as possible right now,” she said.

The overwhelming excitement of new futures could be the main cause for this senioritis, but no matter the struggle, Murphy thinks she and others in the senior class are fighting hard against its pull.Murphy said, “I’m ready to graduate, but I’m staying motivated on keeping my grades up to finish the year strong.”