Coronavirus closure: Movies worth watching

‘Onward’ features family adventure, top celebrity voice actors


Screenshot from the official movie trailer

Ian (left) and Barley (right) inspect their first attempt to bring back their father. Sophomore Noelle Humphey loved the movie and said, “I enjoyed when [Ian] realized he did not need to meet his father to be complete because he had a father figure with him all along.”

Kevin Bluffestone, Staff Writer

Although “Onward” wasn’t in theaters long due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s now available on Disney+ and is a good movie to watch while you’re at home.

The movie follows a young elf named Ian (Tom Holland) and his older brother Barley (Chris Pratt). Ian is shy and never met his father who died just before he was born. He left the two boys a wizard staff to be given to them when they are both older than 16, along with a spell to bring him back for 24 hours so he could see his kids.

The spell fails the first time and only half of their dad is brought back. Ian and Barley get into the van, Guinevere, to find a second phoenix gem to bring back the rest of him. Along the way, they encounter many challenges like fairies, bottomless pits, and gelatinous cubes.

Sophomore Mykenna Roy really enjoyed the movie. “I loved this movie because it was a touching story of two brothers who learned to appreciate each other through the loss of their father. The part where Ian reflects on how much of an impact Barley had on his life was such a beautiful moment, it made me cry.”

Sophomore Noelle Humphrey connected the most with Barley. She said, “He was supportive and quirky, and pretty unique.”

Meanwhile, Roy related to Ian more. She said, “He’s kind of awkward and goes through those typical teenage emotions. He gets annoyed pretty easily by his brother, and he’s pretty smart.”

The movie shares multiple messages with its audiences, including a focus on family.

Roy said, “I think this movie tells today’s kids to appreciate their siblings, because you’ve got each other’s backs for life, and not to waste time fighting over things.”

Humphrey believes that it sends a message that not all families are the same. She said “It sends a message that families might not always fit into the stereotypical mold that society has projected on today’s youth, but that doesn’t mean that the families are incomplete.”

The story is one that unfortunately many people have to go through: growing up without a parent. This movie tackles many big problems with today’s society and makes it relatable, which is why I give it five out of five stars.