Q&A: Sophomore prepares to take AP test


Monti Yoo

Sophomore Monti Yoo studies for his upcoming AP World History exam, which will be on Thursday, May 21. The exam will be taken online and will last between three and four hours.

Chris Capuozzo, Staff Writer/Photographer

With the school year winding down, many AP students are preparing to take their end-of-course AP exams.  The Paw Print’s Chris Capuozzo was able to sit down with Monti Yoo, a student in AP World, to see what it’s like to prepare for an AP test.

The Paw Print: How have you been handling the prep for your test(s)?
Monti Yoo: I’ve been handling it well. I only have one AP test, [so] I’ve had plenty of time to study and get notes done.

The Paw Print: Have you taken an AP test before? If so, what kind?
Monti: I haven’t taken an AP test before. This year I’m taking my first one.

The Paw Print: What’s the hardest part about these tests in your opinion?
Monti: I think the hardest part is that you have no idea about what the question will look like. For AP World, we only know that the DBQ will be based on a general time period, but it’s still broad enough that we don’t have any idea what the question will be about.

The Paw Print: What do the tests consist of? Is it multiple choice only or is there diversity to the test?
Monti: My AP world test, for online test-taking, is a single Document Based Question. We are given five documents and have to answer a prompt following a list of requirements

The Paw Print: Where do you take these tests? Are they online?
Monti: For this year, the AP world test is online. I’ll be taking it at home.

The Paw Print: How confident are you going into these tests with the current world situations?
Monti: On a scale of 1-10, I’d say around an eight. So far, I’ve handled online school pretty well and my grades have been steady and high. The AP test shouldn’t be very different

The Paw Print: How has studying like this felt to you as a student?
Monti: I actually enjoy it. It allows me to plan my entire day out.  I’m much more flexible and feel less stressed about school.

The Paw Print: If you could thank one of your teachers for helping you throughout the year for these tests, who would it be?
Monti: Mr. [Michael] Hughes. He’s my world teacher, and he has helped my class a ton this year with extra practices, conversations about the world, and helpful resources to use for studying.

The Paw Print: Considering that you will be a junior, what could you tell the sophomore and freshman classes what to expect for these tests and classes?
Monti: AP classes are no joke.  You really have to commit time into them and study the material as much as possible. Even just 20 minutes a night will help you be successful in the class and the tests.