Q&A: Senior reflects on graduation, end-of-year


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During the week of May 18, seniors have specific time slots to enter the auditorium and graduate in front of their immediate family. Everything is being recorded, and the edited version of the entire ceremony will be released on June 6.

Kyra Horvat, Staff Writer

In an exclusive interview, The Paw Print’s Kyra Horvat interviewed one of the most well-respected and involved seniors, Lara Nunez-Cerillo, to discuss her thoughts and views on the end-of-the-year.

The Paw Print: So, I know the end of this school year didn’t go as planned, for anyone, especially seniors, but what part of your senior year are you most upset about missing out on?

Lara Nunez-Cerillo: I’m really upset about prom because I didn’t get one last year and prom is so much different than homecoming, so I just didn’t get that experience.

The Paw Print: That’s understandable. Prom is definitely way different than homecoming. Is there anything you think Mayfield could do to compensate for the seniors missing out on prom?

Cerillo: I mean that’s really difficult because of how corona works because everything changes everyday. Maybe once the virus ends we can have a get together maybe?

The Paw Print: I think that would be a nice thing to do, but it is just hard to say given the circumstances. I know that graduation began this week.  What do you know about how Mayfield is doing graduation?

Cerillo: So throughout this week, we’re all graduating at assigned time slots. There’s also the musical performances that will be pre-recorded as well as the speeches. Everything is gonna be recorded and released to us by June 6.

The Paw Print: I wasn’t aware they were still gonna do the speeches and performances, but that’s really nice actually since a lot of time gets put into those things. How do you personally feel about the way they’re doing graduation?

Cerillo: I’m really grateful that it’s not gonna be the memes of graduating over Zoom or FaceTime and just getting our diplomas in the mail, so I really like it.

The Paw Print: Yeah I’ve seen a lot of jokes being made about that. Is there anything else you wish they could’ve done for you seniors?

Cerillo: Honestly I think they’ve done everything they can. Compared to how it could’ve been, Mayfield has been amazing with everything. It’s still really special for us.

The Paw Print: That’s good to hear. Other than all the memes and jokes, I’m sure you’ve seen how other schools across the county have been doing their graduations. In comparison, do you think Mayfield did a good job?

Cerillo: There really have been people that haven’t gotten a graduation of any kind at all so I think Mayfield is doing an amazing job.

The Paw Print: How are you feeling about graduating in general? Are you excited? Sad?

Cerillo: It really feels surreal but I’m pretty excited. I’m an immigrant so I’m the first-gen American high school graduate so this means a lot to me and my family.

The Paw Print: That’s really cool and special!  I’m sure your family is really proud. Along with graduation there are usually a lot of other kinds of ceremonies and events Mayfield does for seniors, either for the Top 40 or Excel TECC students. Which events were you looking forward to going to?

Cerillo: The Excel TECC graduation was something that feels weird not to have because it doesn’t even feel like I’m getting any closure there.  I’m also a little bummed to be missing out on the Senior Banquet as well.

The Paw Print: I get that, since Excel TECC was such a large chunk of your high school career. Have any of those events had any kind of compensation, like something online?

Cerillo: As far as I know there’s no compensation for either of those. The Limited Edition show choir kinda had a mini banquet where we got together in a Zoom call and had a good time, so that I liked.

The Paw Print: That’s good, but it definitely sucks that those other events haven’t gotten anything together. Lastly, how do you feel, generally, about the way your senior year is coming to a close?

Cerillo: I mean it’s a mix of emotions. I’m pretty upset because the last month of senior experience was supposed to be super special and I just didn’t get any of it, but my class is never going to be forgotten so it’s still memorable.

The Paw Print: In a way your guys’ senior year was still special just in its own way, like making history. Anyways, thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy your graduation!

Cerillo: Thanks, Kyra!