Wildcat Focus, SMILE 4 Life Club welcome freshmen


Welcome Back! Freshman Garrett Glumm approaches the high school main entrance, as socially-distanced staff members welcome him and his classmates.

Kyra Horvat, Staff Writer/Photographer

On Monday, Sept. 21, the freshmen returning to in-person classes were welcomed back with a clap-out from the SMILE 4 Life Club, Wildcat Focus mentors, teachers, and administrators.

Principal Jeffrey Legan organized and attended the clap-out in support of the Class of 2024. He said, “We wanted to welcome them into their new home. We wanted them to know how excited we are to welcome them to the high school.”

Freshmen started the year remotely, thus not getting the chance to adapt to the new school. “I am certain that many of our freshmen were nervous about starting in a brand new building, getting lost in the hallways, meeting their teachers in person for the first time, and all of the social components that come with high school. We felt that having a clap-out would help reduce those fears and give them a sense of confidence as they walked through the high school doors for the first time,” said Legan.

Garrett Glumm, a freshman transitioning to in-person classes, enjoyed having the special welcome. He said, “It made my day enjoyable from the beginning. I felt welcomed into the high school, and it was a nice alternative to online.”

Senior Brynn Gillen showed up to show her support for the incoming freshmen. She said, “It was important to do something special for the freshmen because they need to feel welcomed into the high school because it’s a big and scary transition from the middle school to the high school.”

As freshmen walked through the doors, members of the band, cheer team, and upperclassmen clapped and celebrated their return. Glumm said, “It made me smile. I was happy they cared enough to do that for me.”

Seeing the freshmen smile brought joy to those cheering as well. “My favorite part of the clap-out was seeing the joy on the freshmen’s faces as we cheered them through the doors,” said Gillen.

Mayfield Schools have been conducting classes virtually since March, and both students and staff have had to adjust to online learning for so long. “[The clap-out] was not only meant for the students, but also for our staff. We are a Mayfield Family and we always need to encourage and motivate each other to be our very best,” said Legan.

After not seeing students on campus for six months, Legan admits he loved seeing so many smiles from so many students, their parents, and staff members. He said, “Their smiles assured me that they were ready for an awesome year!”