Local business promotes healthy lifestyles


Village Nutrition official Instagram

Village Nutrition is open seven days a week and sells shakes, teas, coffees, and other healthy options.

Kelsey Mize, Guest Writer

Village Nutrition in Mayfield Village has made it their ultimate goal of promoting healthy lifestyles and relationships throughout the Mayfield community.

Karen Mangelluzzi, the owner of Village, has a main priority to make Village Nutrition a place filled with family and friends. She said, “I wanted to work for myself so I could be responsible for my own personal goals. I wanted to have a place others could call come as well as a place for my children to work throughout high school.”

The main ingredients incorporated in the shakes and teas served at Village is called Herbalife, a meal supplement with a vast amount of health benefits. “Herbalife is a company that has been bringing health and wellness for over 40 years. They have things for anything you could possibly imagine. Herbalife brings a healthy lifestyle to your own home,” she said.

As for the community work Village Nutrition has done, Mangelluzzi has created a workout method called Cardio Drumming that uses just 3 things: drum sticks, a bucket, and a medicine ball. With the uplifting ambiance and fun music, many people attend to get a fun and rewarding workout in.

Katie Gallagher, Health and Wellness Coordinator at Gilmour Academy, has hired Mangelluzzi to host drumming classes almost every week. Gallagher believes that these classes are beneficial for all, both mentally and physically. “Karen’s uplifting class provides one hour of cardio physical activity and a boost in our mental health,” she said.

Mangelluzzi spreads communication out to all walks of the Mayfield community, creating unique opportunities for everyone. She said, “Mommy & me drumming classes, going to Gilmour Academy, youth groups as well as special needs groups have helped me branch out to the Mayfield community.”

With Mangelluzzi’s enthusiastic personality and great ideas, the staff at Gilmour look forward to the classes every single week. “Karen has created an activity at Gilmour for teachers to destress in the middle of the week. They dance, bang their drumsticks on the ball and have fun! This has been one of the activities that employees have looked forward to because of Karen,” Gallagher said.

Mangelluzzi has also brought her shakes and teas all around the community, hosting tea drops and providing club discounts.

With her distribution process and family-inspired motto, Mangelluzzi has made a great impact on her customers. “We have changed so many amazing lives. People with diabetes to people needing to lose or gain weight. Customers come to us to help them meet their health needs,” she said.

Aside from Gilmour, Mangelluzzi has shared her cardio drumming classes with the younger generations to show them what family and hard work is all about. She said, “Village has brought out products as well as drumming to the high school football teams as well as other schools. We have offered our classes to some of the local gyms as well!”

Gallagher has also endorsed Karen’s goal for her club, broadening her impact at Gilmour. “We have a great connection with Village Nutrition and Karen, so we plan to utilize the business for future programming for both students and employees!” she said.

Even with the burden of COVID-19, Mangelluzzi hopes to still bring light to her cause in the future.

Mangelluzzi is determined by her company’s impact, striving to grow bigger and better everyday. She said, “We are looking to expand further and grow to other communities around us. Due to COVID, events have been put on hold but soon we will be doing much, much more.”

Gallagher can see the bright future ahead for this business as well, hosting more and more as the days go by. “More classes, more shakes, and more opportunities to support local businesses,” she said.

Village Nutrition is located at 822 Som Center Road in Mayfield Village and has its own Facebook page, which posts updates on new shakes, new cardio drumming information, and general announcements about the community.