New assistant principal plans bright future


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Assistant principal Deanna Elsing tweets an encouraging Monday message, as she walks the halls with the Wildcat mascot (Mykenna Roy). “I hope to see [Elsing] continue to spread school spirit with her creativity and positivity around the building. I also hope she loves it here just as much as I do because I’m excited to have her as a part of our Wildcat family,” Roy said.

Kelsey Mize, Staff Writer

Assistant principal Deanna Elsing has already made her mark since being hired on July 14 and hopes to further this connection with students and staff in the future.

Elsing, a former teacher at VASJ and Eastlake North, plans to continue creating relationships with students and staff by using the teacher-based teams (TBT) to create and help student curriculum. “I’ve been popping into those meetings in the morning and hearing, listening, taking notes about what teachers are talking about to try and support them with their needs.

“I will be using [today’s] TBT time to get to know staff, to get to know what their strengths and weaknesses are, and to promote a positive environment,” she said last Friday.

Senior Mykenna Roy, who dresses as the Wildcat mascot, has connected with Elsing and has seen her involvement in the classroom. Roy said, “[Elsing] has popped into some of my classes occasionally to say hello and see the topics we are learning, which just shows how friendly and involved she is.”

School Resource Officer Stuart Galicz has built a connection with Elsing through promoting positive and safe ordeals at the high school. “She has jumped right in and has very good communication skills where if there is something that she thinks needs to be brought to my attention – not necessarily in a bad way but to possibly guide someone in the right direction – we would make that a team effort in addressing issues,” he said.

As for school morale, Elsing thinks that student involvement at the high school is like no other and plans to observe more of this behavior. She said, “From that first Friday night football game, how many students came to support the football team and how many students came in their all-white garb to support that idea of spirit was amazing. I am just looking forward to being a part of that community of school spirit and going to both athletic and academic events.”

Roy believes that Elsing, who recently served as an administrator in Willoughby-Eastlake, demonstrates the Mayfield way by always showing a helping hand. Roy said, “When I was helping decorate the bulletin boards in school, I had to print some paper out but the printer was jammed, so she and one of the secretaries helped me get it unstuck.

“I appreciated her kindness and assistance in the challenge because it showed me that she’s able to work with others and be part of a team, which is what we are all about here at Mayfield,” she said.

Galicz has also noticed Elsing’s helpfulness and willingness to introduce herself around campus. He said, “I think she’s doing a very good job at trying to hone in on meeting everybody to make herself stand out at being new.”

After just two and a half months, Elsing is truly excited for her new position at Mayfield. She said, “This place has absolutely felt like home since the day I walked into it. It sounds cliche, but it truly is a family here and I have felt that from day one.”