Senior receives national award


Mayfield High School Update newsletter, Sept. 18, 2021

Mr. Legan’s weekly newsletter recognizes Ethan Fong’s accomplishment. Bill Selent has taught Fong the last two years and sees a promising future for Fong. Selent said, “Overall, I hope he just achieves happiness.”

Kelsey Mize, Staff Writer

Senior Ethan Fong received a National Merit Semifinalist award on Sept. 18.

Fong was grateful that he was able to have a support group backing him through this journey. “I felt excited that I finally got a chance to be recognized,” he said.

Gifted enrichment teacher Jennifer Hyland has helped Fong with his scholarship endeavors and has mentored him since freshman year. She said, “There is a national merit qualifying score that is set at each state level, and he got a 210, which made him qualify for it. Even so, personally speaking, he is a good test taker.”

Science teacher Bill Selent has also been a part of Fong’s academic journey and has taught him AP Physics 1 and 2. “There is a spectrum of semifinalist students who are arrogant, but Ethan is a humble kid, works hard and is interested in the sciences,” Selent said.

Fong has had many people that have helped him get where he is today. “My guidance counselors, Mrs. Hyland and Mrs. Bobinski, were always on top of letting me know when the PSAT was and potentially helpful resources for them were. My parents also encouraged me to study for the test,” he said.

Even though Fong has received assistance from his teachers, Hyland thinks he’s self-motivated. She said, “I think he has always known what he wants to do and how he wants to do it.”

By being a part of this program, Fong will be able to get a $2500 scholarship prize. “This program can help my future by giving me an advantage in the college selection process and giving me some money to alleviate the financial burden of paying for college,” he said.

Hyland is eager to see where Fong will be headed because he is looking at rigorous academic programs. She said, “I know he is going to do great things because he has worked hard in high school and will continue to work hard wherever his feet land next year.”

Although Fong is happy that he has received this honorable award, he acknowledges it’s taken hours of time and practice to reach this place.  He said, “You have to practice well, not just practice a lot.”