Junior receives perfect ACT score


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Mayfield’s social media accounts celebrated Pranav Sompalle’s perfect ACT score with multiple posts. Gifted Enrichment teacher Jennifer Hyland said about Sompalle, “He is very determined. He always has a goal that he sets for himself and works very hard to achieve it.”

Kelsey Mize, Staff Writer

On Sept. 27, junior Pranav Sompalle received news that he earned a perfect score of 36 on the ACT.

Sompalle knew all along that he attained a good score. “I prepared a lot, so I kind of expected that I did well, and I knew I was going to succeed with a score of 35 or 36,” he said.

To prepare for the test, Sompalle created goals that he followed religiously. He said, “I did a lot of ACT books, such as Erica Meltzer’s book. I also did ACT proved materials and I did several practice tests…a lot of practice tests, in fact.”

Director of the Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) Jennifer Hyland has seen Sompalle push himself for this test. “He is very, very smart but he also puts in the time and effort to get the perfect score. It’s a combination of both his intelligence but also his drive to succeed,” she said.

Chemistry teacher Christina McClure has Sompalle in AP Chemistry and appreciates his passion for academics. She said, “He works hard and the more that he works in the classroom, the more he knows, which then translates into his perfect ACT score.”

Sompalle is grateful for what he has learned in his classes to help him with the ACT. “AP Biology helped a lot with the science section because in that class and on the exam, you have to do a lot of graphical interpretations and analysis, and that’s pretty much what the science section of the ACT is. It was pretty much all review and I had already learned everything that was on the test,” he said.

McClure thinks that his attentiveness in class helped him receive such a rare score. She said, “Pranav takes obsessively accurate notes and really works hard at coming to an understanding of the material in AP Chemistry.”

Sompalle believes that to do well on the test, you don’t need to spend lots of money on practice but instead, your own dedication for learning. “Just buy some books and finish them completely, understand them completely, do all the practices in them and then keep on doing practice tests because they help you greatly improve your understanding,” he said.

Sompalle is interested in the fields of History and Biochemistry but is leaving his options open. Hyland said, “Pranav has the potential to really accomplish anything he wants to because he is so driven to meet the goals that he sets for himself.”