MHS theater department presents “A Chorus Line”


Vanessa Braun

The cast of “A Chorus Line” performs the final song of the show.

Alex Hliatzos, Staff Writer

Last weekend, members of the Mayfield High School theater department performed a rendition of the Broadway musical “A Chorus Line,” directed and choreographed by Larry Braun.

Musical director Brian Fancher thought the show was unique because it gave many cast members a shot at the spotlight. He said, “There were so many important, big roles. In some shows, there’s maybe two or three bigger characters, and then a bunch of less significant characters.

“[But] in this one, there were so many people that had featured solos or entire songs, and it complemented the cast well.”

Fancher thinks the musical had a unique plotline that lended itself well to the cast. “Unlike other shows, this show is much more kind of about learning different characters and their stories within that shared audition setting. Obviously, the show is about being dancers, this was a dance-heavy show, and there were some really spectacular performances,” he said.

Sophomore David Way was one of the cast members who played an auditioning dancer. He said, “I had a good time doing it. The people involved are very cool, [so] I’m definitely doing the spring show.”

Behind the scenes, sophomore crew member Sharmya Avery thought the cast put so much effort into it, which is why it turned out amazing. Avery said, “I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I watched it. Not just the cast, but also the directors setting up the light cues and doing the amazing lighting.”

According to Way, there were challenges to making the show, such as all the choreography. Way said, “I’m not the greatest dancer. Other than that, I had a pretty good time doing lines and vocals, but it was mainly the dancing that was hard.”

There were also technical issues, including a significant one on opening night, which Fancher called “a little disheartening.” Avery said, “We think what happened was someone came in during the day and messed with the soundboard, causing some of the mics not to work, along with the lights.”

Director Larry Braun put the show on hold in response to the issue. Avery said, “When the lights were on stage, it looked very dim, [and the cast] was dancing in the dark. Eventually, Larry put the show on hold, for the first time in 12 years.”

Despite the issue, Fancher was impressed by how the cast and crew recovered from the technical glitch. He said, “[They] put on a really excellent show, and frankly each show after that just got better and better.”

Overall, the weekend performances were well-attended and the feedback was all positive, according to Fancher. He said, “I heard from many people — students, teachers, community members, some of my family members that came to see it. They just really enjoyed it and thought it was a spectacular performance.”