Seniors near final semester of high school


Taylor Arth

Seniors Gigi Raguz and Mia DeVito celebrate their varsity basketball win over Euclid on Monday, Jan. 9.

Taylor Arth

Mayfield High School’s first semester ends on January 13. When that day arrives, seniors will officially have one semester left of high school, as they reflect on their past and plan for their future.

Hailey Inmon, a two-sport athlete as well as class president, plans to attend The University of Notre Dame in the fall. She said, “I am super excited that we only have one semester left. It’s been really fun in high school, but [in] senior year, you start turning the corner and looking forward to what’s ahead.”

Adrienne Fekete is a four-year track and cross country athlete and feels excited to know she has one semester left. She said, “It’s like the final stretch and so close to graduating, but [it’s] also sad because it’s the last time I will ever be in high school again.”

Mia DeVito, a four-year soccer player and three-year basketball player, wants to continue her soccer career at The University of Jacksonville. She said, “I am excited knowing there is only one semester left, but it’s also weird to think that I am going into adulthood and going to college. It’s weird [that] I’m growing up so fast.”

Georgia Raguz is a two-year basketball and tennis player as well as former student council member who is deciding between two art schools for next year. She said, “it definitely feels weird to know that this is my last semester especially since I’m actually picking where I’m going to college. To think that I’m not coming back here in the fall is definitely odd – it’s exciting but weird.

Cole Edwards is also a four-year track and cross-country athlete who also feels weird about being so close to graduation. He said, “It’s like you go to school for 12 years and then you only have one semester left. It’s finally time to wrap it up.”

Braeden Beck is a four-year wrestler who plans to attend Ohio University to study business next year, but he doesn’t feel like his time is up yet. He said, “Honestly it doesn’t feel any different knowing we only have one semester left. That might just be because it’s still winter, but I’m sure I’ll feel it come fourth quarter.”

Fekete is sad about leaving behind her high school sports but plans to study exercise science. She said, “I have the best memories while in [sports]. I enjoyed having fun with my team during practices and races.”

Edwards admits he’s sad to leave behind his friends. He said, “[They’re] all the people you have seen every day for the past four years and how long you’ve gone to Mayfield with those people.”

Inmon found that her best memories were through extracurriculars, especially the tennis team and student council. She said, “A lot of student council events we had were fun like all-night decorating. That will be a memory I will always cherish.”

Beck thinks sports have had a tremendous impact on his high school career. He said, “I wrestle, the friends and memories I’ve made through that sport will last a lifetime.”

Edwards has mixed emotions about leaving high school. He said, “Part of me is sad because it’s like your childhood kind of coming to an end but part of me is really happy because all of high school you can’t wait to get out and you finally get to leave.”

Fekete has similar mixed feelings. She said, “I feel very relieved knowing I am really close to finally being done and being so close to the end, but a little part of me wants it to go by slowly to be able to enjoy high school for as long as I can before it ends.”

For Inmon, leaving behind teachers and friends is going to be one of the hardest parts of graduating. She said, “I have known a lot of these people since kindergarten so that will be weird not seeing them. Even just not being a Wildcat is sad.”

DeVito thinks the most challenging part of senior year is the big decisions. She said, “You have a lot of senioritis and that makes it hard to stay motivated but also the college decisions are hard because you are setting yourself up for the rest of your life, it’s a big decision. It’s just weird because you’re going into adulthood – it’s kinda crazy.”

Inmon offers advice to underclassmen about enjoying the time they have. She said, “Enjoy the moments. When you’re a freshman or sophomore it can seem like you have so much high school left, but you really should just enjoy each day and try to find something positive [because] it goes by super fast.”

Beck encourages underclassmen to try and enjoy high school while it lasts. He said, “You won’t love every second of it and most of the time you’ll hate being here, but you have to focus on the fun and positive things because you’ll miss that more than anything.”

Graduation for the class of 2023 will take place at Connor Palace Theatre on June 3, 2023.