Senior volleyball player receives All-American award

Kyra Horvat, Staff Writer/Photographer

Senior Megan Kocsis was honored at a school ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 11 as one of 96 students across America to receive the Semper Fidelis All-American award.

Senior Megan Kocsis watches Principal Jeff Legan present her with the Semper Fidelis All-American award. Kocsis’s volleyball coach, Dave Rowell, joined her for the exclusive ceremony. Legan said in his remarks, “Megan Kocsis, the commitment you have demonstrated on the field and in the classroom, the leadership you have shown in your school and community, and the courage you have displayed in choosing a positive life path has made you an inspiration to the Mayfield community. Just as the title Marine is earned, never given, you can be confident that you have earned this honor, and will proudly represent your community as part of this program.” (Kyra Horvat)

The Semper Fidelis All-American award is presented by the United States Marine Corps to honor students who excel in their academics and athletics, and who participate in their communities and extracurricular activities.

Kocsis felt honored to receive the prestigious award and to have the opportunities it brings with it. She said, “This award is giving me a lot of new opportunities like doing workouts with Marines, competing in challenges with other winners, and meeting new people who also won across the country.”

One of the criteria to win the award is a positive attitude within the community, which Kocsis showed by helping special needs students at school. She said, “I have been helping Anna Blatt since second grade and have always made extra time during the school day to hang out with her. Last year I had a study hall first period but instead of getting a late start, I went to the special needs room and I would do different activities with Anna and the other special needs kids.”

Students who win the award are allowed to invite a mentor, and Kocsis chose her Junior Olympic volleyball coach Dave Rowell. In his speech at the ceremony, Principal Jeffrey Legan said, “The United States Marine Corp also recognizes the importance of building a support system to enable success of a next generation, so they are proud to honor David Rowell for the positive influence he has had on the life of Megan, helping her to achieve this honor.”

Kocsis and the other Semper Fidelis All-American award winners were supposed to be honored in July at the Battles Won Academy in Washington, D.C., but the event was cancelled due to COVID-19. The ceremony for Kocsis this week was held in the auditorium, alongside seniors Fran Longano and Connor Gdovin making their college Signing Day commitments.