NHS prepares for Friday’s induction ceremony


Celina Liang

NHS officer Katie Cohen practices reading the script for tomorrow’s induction ceremony.

Jessica Lieberman, Staff Writer

The National Honors Society ceremony will honor previous/current members and new inductees. The ceremony has been planned for a few months and will take place in the auditorium tomorrow, Dec. 2.

Jennifer Hyland, the NHS adviser, is excited for the new inductees to participate in the ceremony. She said, “There are 37 new inductees.”

Hyland says the planning starts in September when the potential inductees are selected, and they complete their application to get it approved. She said, “Then we notify the new inductees that they were chosen and so then it’s just a matter of getting everything ready for the ceremony. So it takes a good couple of months.”

According to Hyland, the members who will attend the ceremony are current members of NHS and new inductees. She said, “Basically they are there to take their oath that they will uphold the responsibilities of being a member of NHS.”

Hyland says planning the ceremony is not difficult as most of the aspects stay the same. She said, “Probably the biggest challenge is practicing with the new officers that actually do the ceremony. They are the ones up there who actually read the script, so we just have to make sure we practice with the new officers.”

A practice took place yesterday morning to allow everyone to learn the parts of the ceremony. Hyland said, “Friday morning will be the final set up for the ceremony.”

Hyland says the ceremony is traditional and stays the same each year, other than music aspects. She said, “Sometimes we have NHS members who are musically talented that we ask to participate in the ceremony so sometimes that will be part of the ceremony.”

Senior Hannah Kloppman, an NHS officer, mentions there may be other functions happening at the date of the ceremony or necessities for each participant. She said, “We have to think about the date [and ask questions like], ‘Are there going to be other events happening? Can we get the auditorium space?,’ stuff like that. We also have to consider numbers and make sure we have the certificates, flowers and pins for everyone.”

Kloppman credits the NHS adviser and the officers for handling all those details. “The officers are involved in a practice run of the ceremony, as well as communication with old and new members about details of the event,” Kloppman said.

Katie Cohen, a new inductee to NHS, says the officers practiced reading the script yesterday and will use it again tomorrow. She said, “We’re allowed to have a script during the ceremony, but we just have to look at it beforehand.”

Cohen thinks talking in front of everyone could be nerve-wracking for some of the members. She said, “I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, but a lot of [guests] are going to be there.”

Cohen is excited to be physically involved in the ceremony this year. She said, “I get to actually be involved and read a script during the ceremony.”

After this ceremony, the National Honors Society will plan other volunteer events. Later in the spring, they’ll conclude the school year with the Senior Farewell.