Aberdeen pool undergoes construction


Jessica Lieberman

Construction continues to be done at the Aberdeen pool as trucks and equipment surround the area. Jennifer Di Lalla of the Aberdeen Board said, “We need a larger pool to meet the needs of the neighborhood.”

Jessica Lieberman, Staff Writer

The Aberdeen pool in Highland Heights has been under construction to improve the pool layout and space so that the pool will be ready for the 2023 summer season.

According to Aberdeen board member Jennifer Di Lalla, the pool has been in the works for a while due to never being upgraded before. She said, “It’s the original pool since Aberdeen was first built, so we’ve been wanting to improve and redo the pool for a while. It’s basically beyond repair, so we needed to build a new one.”

Due to the pool still being in its original structure, Di Lalla believes this was the main reason to improve the pool. She said, “Now there are a lot more homes and families and people that will be utilizing the pool now than when Aberdeen was first constructed.”

The newly constructed pool will involve aspects that were not present at the old pool. Di Lalla said, “There’s going to be a slide, which there has never been, there’s also going to be two lap lanes where right now there is only one, and then there is also going to be a zero-entry to enter the pool for little kids or anyone. This will have some little sprinkler things and different things for kids to play with which was not at the current pool.”

In order to come up with the various ideas to improve the pool, the Aberdeen board worked with one another throughout the process. Di Lalla said, “[The Aberdeen Board] came up with the design of the pool and also some architects and the pool company [helped].”

Mario Daher, a resident of Aberdeen who likes to attend the pool often in the summer, also recognizes the pool is too small for the residents. He said, “Making it bigger is going to be much better. It will be more spaced out and more fun.”

Di Lalla and the other board members held meetings to discuss their plans to improve the pool. She said, “We did discuss different pool designs as far as layouts of the pool, [if we] should we do different kinds of slides, or things like that. At the end, this is the design that we came up with based on the space that is available to build on.”

Since the construction is changing the layout of the pool, Daher has noticed they did push the pool back a lot. He said, “They took away from the space around the pool to make it bigger and the deep end, and everything, is bigger in general. They have a ramp into the shallow end and the format of the pool is much different.”

Even with all the construction, Daher does not think these renovations have caused any interference or issues in the community. He said, “It is just taking up the parking lot for the pool which is not in use anyway since the pool is closed.”

Di Lalla thinks the pool is a huge bonus and an added feature for residents, which is why it is important to have an upgraded pool. She said, “Along with the tennis courts and pickle ball courts and playground that they also provide, the pool is also a huge added bonus to the residents that live in aberdeen.”

The Aberdeen pool is subject to open to residents on June 24.